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5 Unique Road Races

Any old runner can take on a standard road race. Strap on a good pair of shoes, do a little training, get hydrated, and it’s not too much of a struggle. Not all races are quite as straightforward as your local charity’s 5K, though. Here’s a look at five unique takes on road racing. 1. [...]

Cow Gets Double Prosthetic Legs

When Nancy Dickenson and her stepdaughter found an 11-month-old calf suffering from severe frostbite on their neighbor’s property, they knew they had to do something to help. When they realized the Black Angus heifer had lost the use of its back legs, they bought the cow from their neighbor and then brought it to Colorado [...]

Calf Gets Prosthetic Legs

Nancy Dickenson of Ocate, New Mexico and her stepdaughter Martha found an 11-month-old calf on a neighbor’s ranch that was suffering from severe frostbite. The black angus heifer had lost the use of her back legs and hooves. What to do? Obviously, the answer is to give her prosthetic legs! The Dickensons have rescued dozens of [...]

The Largest Mona Lisa in the World

Under the direction of artist Katy Webster, children painted an enormous copy of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa at a shopping mall in Wales: Dozens of adults from community groups and youngsters from Wrexham schools coloured 82 vinyl tiles to make the paint-by-numbers portrait. It is on show at Eagles Meadow, and will be used to [...]

Link Latte 120

#120 – Week of September 25, 2009 Giga Galaxy Zoom! – [awesome project]Most Phantasmagorical Hair You’ll Ever See – [vintage]Scientists Create Magnetic Gas – [Money!.. It's a Gas]Drop your blood into this lamp to activate it – [design]Drawing with blood – and drawing with water – [art]Fantastic Concept Watches – [design]Weird Industrial Egg Digesters – [structures]Japan’s [...]