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Boost Productivity by Hiring Someone to Slap Your Face If You Go Off Task

Like many of us, Maneesh Sethi gets distracted by the Interweb at work and his productivity suffers because of it (ahem, and yes, I realize you’re probably doing the same thing by reading Neatorama right now – mea culpa!). [...]

Dirty Secrets of Internet Data Centers

Photo: Ethan Pines/The New York Times Quick: what industry uses 30 billion watts of energy (the equivalent of the output of about 30 nuclear power plants), wastes 90% of that and pollutes the environment [...]

5 Suspiciously Modern Ancient Technology

Stacy wrote a neat post about 5 ancient technologies that are suspiciously very, very modern but I made a mistake and published it in the past! (If you’re wondering, it’s a matter of me forgetting to update the article’s publication date). So, mea culpa, Stacy! Instead of re-publishing the piece, let me just do a [...]