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McDonalds in a Mansion

This is a McDonalds outlet in New Hyde Park, Long Island, New York. McDonalds didn’t set out to make one of their restaurants this beautiful. The Georgian mansion called The Denton House is over 200 years old -or at least parts of it are. It’s been passed around and used as everything from a restaurant [...]

Canoeing Through McDonalds

(YouTube link) Parts of Australia are seeing the worst flooding in years. In Brisbane, a video crew paddles through a McDonalds outlet in a canoe. The song is “Fish Heads” {wiki} by Barnes and Barnes. -via the Presurfer

Real World McDonalds Experiment

(YouTube link) Sally Davies took pictures of a McDonalds burger and fries for 137 days, and the pictures never changed. It wasn’t the first such experiment, but could it be replicated under normal conditions? Some say a Happy Meal will last forever, but YouTube member GitEmSteveDave had very different results. You can skip the first minute [...]

Big America Burgers, Only in Japan

McDonalds in Japan is selling a series of hamburgers called Big America. There are burgers named for Texas, California, New York, and Hawaii and they look really big. Too bad we don’t have them in America! Link

Weird Food McDonalds Sells Around The World

“QUANTUM SHOT” #597Link – Article by Chris Mitchell of Travel Happy, and A. Abrams McDonalds Around The World: Marvels Never Cease, Especially in Asia If you think McDonalds sells the same burgers and fries everywhere in the world, think again – here in Asia they’ve had to make some concessions to local tastes and come up with [...]

Where is McDonalds?

Stephen Von Worley created a map of the USA showing where McDonalds outlets are. As you can see, they are (almost) everywhere! You’ll have to go to South Dakota to get 100 miles away from a McDonalds. Link -via Buzzfeed

Coffee Lamp Post

This lamp post is an ad for McDonalds in Vancouver. You have to wonder 1. how much light does it really emit, and b. is the coffee still free? -via Gizmodo

Strangest fast food lawsuits?

Cracked has a post detailing the seven most bizarre fast food industry lawsuits. There’s quite a few hilarious ones that you probably never heard about.  It’s amazing what people will sue over these days.

McDonalds’s Pizza!

Wow, this is quite some creation!  In fact, I wish I could head on down to the local McDonald’s and order one of these right now.  Unfortunately, I doubt this will be on the menu anytime soon.  Fortunately, some brave soul was adventurous enough to create this at home.  In case you can’t tell, that’s [...]