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The Tower of Rufus

(YouTube link) Billy Browne made this awesome climbing maze for his cat Rufus, to make him feel better after an ear infection. Rufus is a very lucky cat.  -via Buzzfeed

Awesome 3D Pac-Man Street Art

This mind blowing work of 3d street art makes me want to walka-walka-walka on the other side of the street so I don’t get lost in the maze! Painted, and subsequently, photographed by Leon Keer in Venlo, the Netherlands, this cute and colorful work illustrates the world’s undying love of video games. Link  –via Obvious Winner

Pac-Man’s Hiding Spot

(Video Link) According to YouTube user Phreakwars, if Pac-Man stays in one spot in the maze, the ghosts won’t bother him. It doesn’t work in an online version that I used as a test, but there are many different Pac-Man programs. -via Kottke

Maze Cafe Cup and Saucer Set

Maze Cafe Cup and Saucer | $14.95 What a neat saucer to put under a coffee cup! It looks like an everyday cup and saucer, but just a drop of coffee on the saucer becomes a game as the drip finds it ways through the maze of grooves. The Maze Cafe Cup and Saucer was designed [...]

Maze Cafe

Start your a-maze-ing day right with the Maze Cafe ($14.95). This clever cup and saucer set from the NeatoShop is designed by Turkish designer Erdem Selek. It features a molded maze pattern on the saucer that you can play with a drop of coffee. It’s the perfect Father’s Day gift for your coffee- and puzzle-lovin’ dad: [...]

Fun with Frustration: Unsolvable Mazes for Kids

I love this cover for a fictional (as in does-not-exist fictional) book from comic artist Lucas Adams. Sort of an existential nihilist kids’ book — my favorite kind! With a little Googling, I was able to find an actual maze for kids that’s unsolvable. Apparently it appeared on the back of a Curious George book years [...]

Albert Einstein Maze

It might take a genius to find the way through this maze! Print out a full size copy at the link and give it your best shot. Link -via Nag on the Lake

The Quick 10: 10 Cool Corn Mazes

It has been a few years since I’ve made my way through a corn maze (a Maize Maze, to some), but these 10 have inspired me to seek one out this year. 1. The Milk Farm maze in Dixon, California, is the world’s biggest corn maze according to Guinness’ 2009 survey of the place, and [...]

Chan Chan: The Largest Adobe City in the World

Chan Chan in Peru was and still is a maze of adobe walls adorned with Pre-Columbian designs. Archaeologists have been studying the site for years, and even up until now, they are still unsure as to how many inhabitants called Chan Chan their home. Within the confines of the city there were religious buildings, cemeteries, reservoirs, [...]

Humans and rats can traverse a maze. And so can… a drop of oil.

Physical chemists at Northwestern University have demonstrated that a simple droplet of oil can navigate a complex labyrinth. Grzybowski’s team made a number of silicon mazes roughly 6.5 square centimeters in size. To create the conditions for movement, the researchers filled the labyrinths with an alkaline solution of potassium hydroxide. The maze runners, placed at the [...]