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50 skulls discovered in Aztec temple

The discovery at Templo Mayor represents the largest number of skulls to ever be found in one offering. The temple is located in New Mexico and is con…

The “City of London” Lives Inside a Larger City Named London

As an American, my knowledge of London is pretty limited — you know, big city, Big Ben, big Olympics, yeah, I get it. But it came as quite a surprise to learn that there is another London inside of London. In this video, serial mindblower C.G.P. Grey explains how the City of London is a [...]

London Mayor Left Hanging From Zipline

(YouTube link) London mayor Boris Johnson is enjoying his time in the spotlight and the opportunity to promote his city. However, there’s always the risk of something going wrong. One of those promotional opportunities was at Victoria Park, where Johnson took a ride on the zipline while carrying two British flags. But the wire sagged about [...]

Boris Johnson’s Olympic Welcome

(YouTube link) The Mayor of London welcomes the world to his city for the 2012 Olympics! Boris Johnson was a journalist before becoming a politician, so there is a wealth of sources for cassetteboy to use in making this. -via Metafilter

Parking Space is Now a Park

When Svante Myrick became the mayor of Ithaca, New York, earlier this year, he gave up driving to work every day in favor of walking. However, the mayor has a permanent prime parking space in front of City Hall. To keep the space from going to waste, Myrick has turned it into a tiny public [...]

Traffic Mimes

Forget traffic cops! The traffic situation in Caracas, Venezuela is so bad that the mayor called in the heavy guns: traffic mimes. You read that right: A sort of silent shame has cropped up in South American cities, [...]

11-Year Old "Mayor of the Day" First Order of Business: Naming Justin Bieber Street

When 11-year-old Caroline Gonzalez was named “Mayor for a Day” of Forney, Texas, she wasted no time in putting her power to use: she gave Justin Bieber his own street! “Because I really like Justin Bieber,” Caroline told E! News when asked why she decided to make this her first order of business. “I like his [...]

No One Runs in Small NC Town’s Election

I have heard of people not being interested in politics, but an entire town that can’t find anyone to run for mayor? Apparently the job of mayor in one small town is so unappealing that they can’t find a single candidate. The races for mayor and three commission seats are wide open in the small North [...]

When Hizzoner Can Be “Your Honor”

In the aftermath of New York’s decision to approve gay marriage, news broke that Mayor Michael Bloomberg would officiate at the wedding of two of his office aides. Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani has also reportedly backed out on his promise to officiate at a friend’s wedding. This raises a question –- why can a mayor [...]

Bench for Teens

Photo: PS Geschwill If you can’t beat ‘em … sit with ‘em! That’s what Mayor Dieter Moerlein of Eppelheim, a small town in Germany did by installing a park bench for teens who refuse to sit properly: The mayor of 17 years calls them “no-interest” benches because teens have “no interest in following etiquette. They all sit [...]