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The Voices Behind 6 Classic Cereal Mascots

Their faces aren’t as famous as those on the boxes, but odds are you’ve heard each of these beloved cereal mascots’ voices somewhere else. 1. Paul Frees Paul Frees was one of the most sought-after voiceover actors in his time. He recorded Boris Badenov in “Rocky and Bullwinkle,” but he’s probably more well-known for his commercial work: [...]

The Late Movies: International Talk Like William Shatner Day

As Chris pointed out this afternoon, today is William Shatner’s 80th birthday. How much do you love Shatner? Probably not as much as voice actor Maurice LaMarche and Ohio resident Doug Van Horn, who founded International Talk Like William Shatner Day in 2009. In honor of today’s momentous anniversary, we’re bringing you a primer on [...]