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13 Disturbing Pieces of Art from History

The media gets a lot of criticism for violent and disturbing imagery. Movies, TV, video games, tabletop RPGs, comic books, and various other things have all gone through periods where they’re blamed for exposing children to dark and unsettling things. What people forget is that the media of yesterday — fine art specifically — were [...]

Geologists Found Evidence of the Crucifixion of Jesus Earthquake

The Crucifixion, Currier & Ives/LOC According to the Gospel of Matthew, the earth shook during the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ: “And when Jesus had cried out again in a loud voice, he gave [...]

Drivable R2-D2 Built For Make-A-Wish Kid To Enjoy

Matthew Grammer, a 7 year old who is being treated for acute lymphoblastic leukemia, asked for one of the coolest things ever as his Make-A Wish Foundation request–a giant, drivable R2-D2 so he can roll around school pretending to be R2 in style. Here’s a bit of info from the makers, Little Mountain Productions: R2D2 was [...]

9 Looks at History re-imagined with Monsters

Some narratives can’t be found in history books. That’s the kind of stuff we love here at the _floss. When artist Matthew Buchholz thinks about history, he imagines smokestacks and steel tycoons, but also rampaging monsters, river serpents and maybe a flying saucer or two. Matthew has turned his fascination with sci-fi into art by [...]

How to Catch a Boat Full of Fish

(YouTube link) Step 1: Get in a boat somewhere near Spoon River. Step 2: Wait. Step 3: FREAK. OUT. According to YouTuber boodhaman: My brother, nephews and a friend go “fishing” down a small drainage ditch in the flooded Spoon River. They counted 70+ 5-10lb. Asian Carp once they stopped the boat. The funniest part, is that Matthew, my youngest nephew, [...]

Ten Notable Apocalypses That (Obviously) Didn’t Happen

The Bible says in Matthew 24:36 “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” That never stopped people from trying to predict when the world will end. Smithsonian has a list of ten predicted apocalypses from ancient times to 2009 (when this [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Amazing Discoveries by Kids

It’s all over the news the past couple of days: some astronomers spend a lifetime looking for a supernova, but a 10-year-old-girl found one on her first try. Here’s Kathryn Gray’s story and the stories of nine other talented (or lucky) kids who have made important discoveries at shockingly young ages. 1. Kathryn Gray was checking [...]

Shocking Truth about The Three Wise Men: They’re Chinese!

The story of the Three Wise Men has been told and retold since antiquity – but who were they? An intriguing ancient text, discovered in the Vatican archives by Brent Landau, suggests that they were … Chinese! “It’s an incredibly grand story,” Landau said. “So who the Magi are in this text is, they are descendants [...]

The Quick 10: The Non-Football Careers of 10 Heisman Winners

Amid controversy on Saturday, Auburn’s Cam Newton was the 74th person to win the Heisman Trophy. Whether he’ll make it in the NFL remains to be seen – some of the most promising Heisman winners failed to get drafted, played a season or two before getting the axe, or eschewed a bone-crunching professional football career [...]

The Mythbusters Answer Your Questions!

It’s here — the mental_floss interview with the Mythbusters, featuring your questions! (Also here: a new season of the show, starting tonight: Wednesday, October 6! Set your DVRs — the new season premieres at 9pm. Also check out Kari Byron’s new show Head Rush, a commercial-free hour of experiments on the Science Channel every weekday [...]