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Thanksgiving Episodes

No matter how busy we are with family on Thanksgiving, we always find a way to watch a little TV around the holiday, and that includes Thanksgiving stories on our favorite series. Today’s Lunchtime Quiz at mental_floss will test your nostalgia for those shows. You’ll be given a Thanksgiving plot, and you guess what show [...]

Woman ages 50 years in a few days

A 23-year-old Vietnamese woman developed the appearance of a 73-year-old in a matter of days. Now 26, Nguyen Thi Phuong had been an otherwise healthy …

Smuggler Caught With Hummingbirds In His Pants

Albino hummingbirds may be pretty rare, but for that matter, seeing someone walking around with shorts filled with hummingbirds isn’t an every day sight either. It seems that releasing their birds from their bonds and putting them back in the man’s pants might just be the best punishment for the smuggler. Link Via BoingBoing

Denis Medri’s Pop Culture Caricatures

His subject matter may be a bit strange, as he draws everything from ALF to Italian soccer players, but Denis Medri’s illustrative style is full of energy, and his playful use of color and construction lines add a hand rendered warmth to the drawings that really bring the characters to life. Follow the link to [...]

Dark matter theory may be wrong

The idea that dark matter makes up most of the mass of the universe has been called in to question. Studies of dwarf galaxies have revealed that their…

When Countries Go Extinct Thanks To Low Birth Rates

Given the low birth rates of some countries (I’m looking at you, Hong Kong* and Singapore), it’s only a matter of time before they simply depopulate themselves out of existence. But how long do they have? The Economist did the (wild) [...]

Aaron Jasinski’s Colorful Imagination

Obi Wan battling the Empire via breakdancing. The classic Nintendo crowd get together for a snapshot. Mulder and Scully expose alien life forms both humanoid and puppet. Sound like strange subject matter for paintings? Then you haven’t seen the colorful works of Aaron Jasinski, a painter who’s bringing the pop culture back to lowbrow art. [...]

Medal of Honor Cat

(YouTube link) It was only a matter of time before filmmaker Freddie Wong tackled the subject of cats. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Freddie Wong video without a lot of gunfire. -via Laughing Squid

A Knitted Stop Motion Movie

No matter what, The Little Red Plane Would be an impressive stop motion animation due to the level of attention put into its creation. But the fact that it’s made out of knit and stitched creations only makes it even more stunningly impressive. Video link via Craftzine

Cocker’s Arithmetick

A schoolbook that both postdated and outlived its time. by Stephen Drew, Improbable Research staff Mathematics teaching has been cocked up — well and properly and officially — for a good long while, thanks to Edward Cocker and his amply-titled textbook Cocker’s Arithmetick: Being a Plain and Familiar Method Suitable to the Meanest Capacity for the [...]