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Delightfully Dark Fairy Tale Illustrations

Fairy tales often contain extremely dark subject matter, including murder, incest, cannibalism, black magic and suicide. However, just because the plots are grim doesn’t mean the artwork can’t be beautiful. Feast your eyes on these wonderful fairy tale illustrations by Nadezhda Illarionova, and behold the power of imagination. Link  –via Flavorwire

5 Questions: No Escaping the ‘Yard’

Thursday’s 5 Questions quiz proves that no matter what you do, there’s No Escaping the ‘Yard’

The Nicholas Cage Couch

No matter where you go he’ll always have his eyes on you. I don’t care how much you like Nicholas Cage, it would still be horrendously creepy to sit on this thing. Link

And You Thought Human Teenagers Were Terrible

It doesn’t matter what species you deal with, teenagers are always irresponsible jerks. Link Via Geeks Are Sexy

Dark Matter Bridge Connects Galaxies

Image: Jörg Dietrich, University of Michigan/University Observatory Munich Scientists have discovered a "bridge" made of dark matter that connect clusters of galaxies: A ‘finger’ of the Universe’s dark-matter skeleton, [...]

NASA probe discovers ‘alien’ matter

The Interstellar Boundary Explorer spacecraft has detected matter from outside our solar system. It’s the first time that matter from elsewhere in the…

Amazing Toy Mod Sculptures By Stephen Ives

These awesome sculptures are obviously inspired by toys, yet their style and subject matter would be lost on children. From a Kim Jong-Il potato head to a Virgin Mary shaped jet, Stephen Ives celebrates childhood in a decidedly adult manner. Some look like toy mods, others are sculptures which are styled after plastic toys, and all [...]

New Year’s Eve Ambitions

If you adjust the years accordingly, this comic will work for almost anyone! However, no matter what time I go to bed on New Year’s Eve, it wake up at midnight because of the fireworks going off all over town. This year… my kids have fireworks ready. Comic by A. Stiffler at Chaos Life. Link [...]

Scary Celebrity Extreme Close-Ups

No matter how much you love or hate these celebrities, you never want to see them this close up, believe me. Some of the images in this gallery will give you a good laugh, others are the stuff nightmares are made of (Iggy Pop). Check out the rest of the gallery at the link below. I [...]

Loyal and Brave

This is the real reason people sleep with teddy bears. They don’t let you down, no matter what. This great image titled Sweet Halloween Dreams is by DeviantART member begemott. Link -via Buzzfeed