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Your eyes aren’t deceiving you – the walls are moving. Seoul-based media art collective Jonpasang created the Hyper-Matrix, a room with three walls with movable pixels, for the Hyundai Motor Group Exhibition Pavilion at [...]

9 Baffling Movie Merchandise Tie-Ins

Every summer, movie season collides with merchandising mania to create a perfect storm of licensed nonsense. We, the human race, have proven to Hollywood time and time again that we will empty our pockets for anything with our favorite movie logo hastily slapped on it. But at least most of that junk allows us to [...]

Downloading knowledge – Matrix style

Scientists have made the first steps towards being able to download skills directly in to the brain. It isn’t quite on par with the movie “The Matrix”…

The Late Movies: Kasou Taishou

Kasou Taishou (site in Japanese), also known as Kinchan and Katori Shingo’s All Japan Costume Grand Prix, is a Japanese performance show. Amateurs enact short skits before judges who rate their performances, the majority of which fake cinematic effects. The most popular of these skits, especially in the U.S., is “Matrix Ping-Pong,” in which performers [...]

Learnin’ Matrix-Style!

Remember the Matrix where all you need to do to learn kung fu is to get it uploaded to your brain? Well, that may soon be coming to real life: New research published today in the journal Science suggests it [...]

Matrix No. 5

(YouTube link) I thought this was neat -someone edited the film The Matrix to the tune of “Mambo #5″ by Lou Bega. But the video is not edited at all. This gunfight scene just syncs up very well! -via Buzzfeed

Everything Is A Remix: The Matrix

Love The Matrix but wonder where you’ve seen those action moves before? Everything Is A Remix (previously on Neatorama) is back, and this time it has Neo, Morpheus, Trinity and [...]

That Steve Jobs/Matrix Quiz We Mentioned

On Wednesday night, Jason mentioned I was working on a Steve Jobs quiz when we he passed away. We decided to finish it—we’ve put some of the his wise words up against quotes from The Matrix trilogy. Can you tell which came from Hollywood fiction and which came from the Apple co-founder? Take the Quiz: Steve [...]

Thermochromatic Urinal

The basic idea is that the heat of a user’s urine creates pretty colors on the urinal. Although this image is being posted on many different sites, I’m struggling to find any firm information about it. Perhaps it’s better that way. I’m just going to tell myself that it’s a really good photoshop, and no [...]

LED Matrix Jack-o-Lantern

Mike Szczys went all out this Halloween and installed a matrix of 70 LEDs in a pumpkin! The result is a way to scroll messages in the dark for visitors and trick-or-treaters. See a video of the Jack-o-Lantern in action, and the complete process of building it at Hack a Day. Link -Thanks, Mike!