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Mathematically Optimal Potatoes

(Video Link) Mathematician Vivian Hart wishes you an operative and efficient Thanksgiving. To aid this endeavor, she offers this tutorial on how to maximize the gravy capacity of a pile of mashed potatoes. -via The Mary Sue

The World’s Hardest Sudoku

So. You think you’re smart. Well, Finnish mathematician Arto Inkala challenges you to a game of sudoku, the hardest one ever constructed (on the scale of 1 to 5 as rated by difficulty, this sudoku goes all the way to eleven): [...]

Alan Turing’s Hand-Drawn Monopoly Board

Alan Turing, the brilliant mathematician, computer scientist, and codebreaker, helped win World War II before being prosecuted and driven to suicide for his sexual orientation. The Bletchley Trust acquired some of his personal papers, including this hand-drawn Monopoly board that he made while sequestered from the rest of the world due to his top secret [...]