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Miss USA Contestants Debate Math

A while back we posted a video of actual Miss USA contestants being asked “Should Evolution Be Taught in Schools?” Now someone has posed an even greater question to some would be “Miss USA contestants.” Should math be taught in schools? Their answers may shock you. Watch second video at bottom of link post. Link

How Winnie Cooper Did on Our Wonder Years Quiz

Danica McKellar played Winnie Cooper on The Wonder Years. Now she writes math books. If she only got 9 of 11 correct on our Wonder Years Guest Star Quiz, it may have been a tad too difficult. Here are some recent quizzes to keep you busy this weekend:

The Finnish Not-So-Secret Weapon for Top Notch Schools: Better Teachers

It seems like every day we’re reminded how American kids are falling behind in science and math (we’re ranked 24 out of 34 countries that participated in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). China, the top-ranking country in math, relies on long hours in school (and after school) to teach their students – so it’s [...]

Mathematical Dance Moves

This is good, but the moves get really explicit once you start into calculus. If you know who’s responsible for this great cartoon, let us know in the comments. via Geekosystem | Previously: Math Dances and Other College Application Videos

Calculator Words

In my day, middle school math class was pretty boring, and led to some remarkable goofing off. (I’m sure math class isn’t like that today; surely no modern kid would waste time in school.) For me, math class was an opportunity to explore new worlds with my calculator — but not new mathematical worlds. The [...]

CSUN Math Professor Charged With Peeing on Colleague’s Door

Math Professor Tihomir Petrov has been charged with urinating on the office door of another math professor. University officials claim to have caught the act on a hidden camera. Sadly, they have not released the video to the public. Well, we all know that nothing says I am pissed at you like peeing on a colleague’s [...]

Doodling in Math Class

(YouTube link) Vi Hart calls herself a “recreational mathemusician”, which sounds like fun! In this video, she teaches more about math than she missed by doodling during class. See more of this sort of thing at her website. Link -Thanks, David Israel!

Better Math Ability Through Electricity

Psst! Wanna be better at math? The answer may be shockingly simple: just give your noggin a little jolt! The electricity generated by a 9-volt battery might be all there is between you and the mathematical brilliance of a Newton or an Einstein. OK, we can’t guarantee you’ll be that smart, but, amazingly, British scientists have [...]

Fibonacci Pigeons

The Fibonacci sequence, named after a 13th Century Italian mathematician, is a sequence of numbers in which every third number is the sum of the previous two numbers. This photo circulating the Internet shows pigeons who have landed in roughly that pattern. via Geekosystem | Math Explanation | Previously: Fibonacci Rings

Hole Through a Hole in a Hole

Found at Cliff Pickover’s always excellent Reality Carnival. It took me to get it! Previously on Neatorama: The Math Book: Milestones in the History of Math