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Politicians And Their Hand Signals

This illustration makes for rather appropriate material in an election year full of bold gesturing by the candidates, wouldn’t you say? Political cartoonist Hermenegildo Sabat has been poking fun at celebrities and politicians for decades with his caricatures, and has been known to rock a political boat or two with his critical cartoons. This particular illustration focuses [...]

Graphene is thinnest anti-corrosive found

Hailed as a miracle material, researchers have discovered the thinnest known anti-corrosive material. The new material is so thin that one ounce of it…

Engineers pioneer 3D printer for bones

The new printer produces a bone-like material that will aid in the repairing of serious injuries. The ‘bones’ created using the device won’t be able t…

World’s lightest material unveiled

The remarkable new material is 100 times lighter than Styrofoam and consists of 99.99% air. Developed at the University of California, the material is…

Unsung material could boost eco-building

A material found in toothpaste, sunscreen, solar cells and at Wimbledon also devours air pollutants. Imagine a building coated in a substance that not…

New Slippery Material Inspired by Carnivorous Plant

Scientists have invented a super-slippery material inspired by the carnivorous pitcher plants: … a new material takes a cue from one of the plant world’s few meat-eaters: the carnivorous pitcher plant Nepenthes. The [...]

Magnetic and Electric Properties in a Single Material

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory announced today that they have observed a rare property in a special class of metals called multiferroics: they have both magnetic and electric properties, which normally don’t happen in the same material. Ferromagnets are, of course, magnetic metals, and ferroelectrics are materials that have a [...]

Top 10 Most Extreme Substances

What are the most extreme substances in the world? No, not Mountain Dew; this list compiles and gives the details on the hottest, most flammable and most acidic substances known to man. One of which can melt through twelve layers of concrete. What do you get when you stack carbon nanotubes on their ends and sandwich [...]

Bike Produced On A Printer

Believe it or not the lightweight bicycle pictured above was printed out on a computer. Designed by scientists in Bristol, England, it is created by building up layers of nylon powder through a process known as Additive Layer Manufacturing. The computer-aided design is sent to a printer filled with the powdered material. A computer splits the 3D [...]

The Secret of Learning: Stop Studying and Start Taking Tests

Hate taking tests? Too bad! A study has shown that to really learn, you should stop studying and start taking tests: Taking a test is not just a passive mechanism for assessing how much people know, according to new research. It actually helps people learn, and it works better than a number of other studying techniques. The [...]