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GDT Nature Photograph Winners

Photo Credit: Bence Máté The German Society of Nature Photographers — the trippingly named Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen — holds a contest every year for the best photographs. Featured in the Guardian are some of the winners with some truly stunning photographs. Check out this year’s winners on display at the Guardian’s website, including this wonderful example [...]

I Find This Gathering of Penguins Somewhat Ominous

Officially, the 200,000 penguins are on the Salisbury Plain of South Georgia Island to mate. But still, that’s a lot of penguins. If they were ever to make a power grab, this would be the time. Link via Kuriositas | Photo by Flickr user Liam Q used under Creative Commons license

Deer Protects Mother Goose and Her Nest

Geese mate for life and when the female lays her eggs the male guards the nest. When this goose lost her mate she nested in an urn in a Buffalo, New York cemetery but, with no male to guard her, she was vulnerable to predators. A deer stepped into the breach and has taken on [...]

The Swan Divorce

Love is dead … No, no. Not Brangelina splitting up. We’re talking about a pair of swans at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust Centre at Slimbridge, England. Swans are famous for mating for life, but this year a male swan named Sarindi (the cad!!!) turned up in an annual migration from Arctic Russia with a new female. Perhaps not to be [...]

Shaving a Fly’s Penis with a Laser

It’s all in the name of science! Male flies have penises covered with spines and hooks. To figure out what the purpose of those spines are, researchers Michal Polak and Arash Rashed removed them to see what would happen. Their spines are too small to cut off by hand. So the duo used a laser instead, [...]

Scientists create world’s smallest ’snowman’

Scientists at the National Physical Laboratory have created the world’s smallest snowman measuring a fifth of the width of a human hair using mate…