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Spot The Skull In These Optical Illusion Artworks

These black and white illustrations by Istvan Orosz are masterpieces in their own right, but the fact that there is a skull hidden in each piece makes them an optical delight! If you’re having trouble finding the skull try looking at a smaller sized version of each piece and the grinning face of death should be [...]

Bob Ross Amigurumi Doll

If you miss watching him paint little happy trees, then you can always make your own Bob Ross doll to paint tiny masterpieces on your desktop. At least, that’s what Allison Hoffman of Crafty is Cool did. Link Via Craftzine


This one is awesome: Etsy seller robolamp creates working lamps from stuff you can buy at any hardware store. From Coolmaterial: Sure, it’s a bunch of carefully cut and painted components that you yourself could probably buy from Home Depot. You might even be able to put it together yourself. But you’re definitely not gonna spend [...]

Masterpieces in Coffee

You’ve probably heard all about the art of drinking coffee, but Karen Eland took that to a higher level and made an art of painting with coffee. Have a look at some of the world’s greatest masterpieces, such as Mona Lisa, or the scene from the Sistine Chapel expressed in espresso! Eland also talks about [...]

Masterpieces: A Quiz

The everyman’s art quiz… Even if you haven’t followed the last two years of “Feel Art Again,” you’ll most likely recognize these masterpieces of art. Take the quiz, and then come back here to let us know how you did. Be sure to check out our other art quizzes: Feel Art Again: The Exam, A Happy Little [...]