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The Ultimate Cybernetic Daemon Cosplay Suit

Photo: TwoHornsUnited Time to add fuel to the nightmare fire. TwoHornsUnited is a DeviantArtist, Etsy seller, and the creator of this fine Cybernetic Daemon suit. For only $2,000 (US) you can own this nightmare-monster-suit yourself! Just think of all the new activities you can do with a masterpiece like this… you could show it off at [...]

11 Amazing Letters from Nobel Laureates

1. “Nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses.” Albert Einstein is arguably the most famous scientist of all time, and father of the world’s most famous equation. For his work in theoreticel physics (“especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect,” according to the committee), Einstein received the 1921 Nobel [...]

Sparklecorn Nyan Cat Cake

Charm City Cakes recently made this and posted it on their Pintrest.  While it looks great when they make a Sparklecorn cake, I worry about how well mine will come out for John’s birthday next year. Keep your eyes on Cake Wrecks for my failed attempt at copying this masterpiece. Link Via When Geeks Wed

Leonardo Da Vinci mystery to stay hidden

The hunt for a long lost Da Vinci masterpiece beneath a fresco in Florence has been called off. Often likened to Dan Brown’s “The Da Vinci Code”, the …

Scientists create ‘perfect’ pop song

Researchers are using natural selection to turn random sounds in to a musical masterpiece. The study is being carried out in an effort to apply the sa…

Grilled Cheese Doughnut

You’re looking at a grilled cheese doughnut, a culinary masterpiece or abomination – your pick, by Tom + Chee restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio. Why, it’s been voted as one of the best sandwiches of [...]

Bacon Frosting

Bacon Frosting – $4.95 Thanksgiving is nearly here. Are you still trying to find a way to distract people from your terrible cooking? Incorporate Bacon Frosting from the NeatoShop into your dessert masterpiece. Bacon makes everything better. Be sure to check out the Bacon Store for more deliciously delightful bacon inspired products. Link

Ray Gun Pen

Ray Gun – Acme Pen – $129.95 Write your next sci-fi masterpiece with the appropriate writing instrument, please. Like this Ray Gun Pen from the NeatoShop. Designed by Ben Hall for (the very appropriately named) Acme Studio, the Ray Gun pen was released about three years ago but it certainly has that timeless look. It’s the [...]

Woman recreates da Vinci’s ‘Last Supper’

Who says the only medium for a great masterpiece is oil and canvass ? After doing 800 hours worth of laundry a Northern Michigan woman was able to pro…

Mail Time! Adorable Baby Photo of the Day

Readers Josh & Heather sent us these photos of Lilah, a budding young artist who has been putting her mental_floss “My First Jackson Pollock” onesie to good use. According to Mom, they decided not to wash the onesie and will be framing it instead. A masterpiece, indeed. If you have an action shot of someone [...]