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An Alfred Hitchcock Christmas

Christmas time is terrifying enough without the master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock re-imagining the whole affair! Grant Snider of Incidental Comics presents eight panels that show how things go from bad to worse for Santa on a Hitchcock themed Christmas eve. Link  –via Laughing Squid

Norman Rockwell’s Optimus Prime

The always brilliant Marco D’alfonso, master of the mashup, imagined Optimus Prime in Norman Rockwell’s 1944 painting The Tattoo Artist. The best part is D’alfonso’s subtle references in the background matching Rockwell’s original work. You can view a much larger version at the link. Link and Norman Rockwell Original -via Super Punch

Throne of Games

Aaron Jasinski, the master of mashups, warns us to not rest easily upon the Mushroom Throne. He made this acrylic on wood planel painting for a Gallery 1988 show. Link -via it8Bit

Exquisite Pistol Knife

Bruce Bump is a master craftsman of knives, axes and cominbations thereof with guns. His gallery is simply breathtaking. This piece is typical. It has an engraved 3000-layer folding blade and a .22 caliber muzzle loading black powder pistol. The trigger and hammer are gold plated and the handle is pre-ban ivory. Link -via Underhammer Society [...]

R2-D2 Keg

Jabba, as you may remember, spotted Artoo right away as a master bartender. He’s fallen down in the world–now he’s offering alcohol at tailgate parties. So hit his tip jar. Link -via Geekosystem

These Pillows Are Sure to “Fit In” With Your Decor

If you’re a true Tetris master then you certainly love these pillows, but it also must drive you nuts to see that gap in the pillows next to the blue line pillow. I don’t know about you guys, but I couldn’t just sit there without trying to arrange them straight…hopefully the pillows don’t disappear at [...]

My Little Pony Kirk and Spock

Master ponysmith Sara Bean made these excellent Star Trek ponies. Notice her attention to detail on the Spock figure, which features the IDIC symbol, pointed ears and, of course, a horn protruding from his forehead. Link

Organ Pancakes

I call dibs on the intestines! (Because that’s the biggest pancake, of course.) Nathan Shields is a master of the pancake craft. He creates amazingly detailed pancake images depicting marine invertebrates, Star Wars characters, dog breeds and more. Link -via Walyou

Spiderman After the Apocalypse

Andy J. Hunter is a master of geek artistry with a variety of fun images like this great Post Apocalyptic Spiderman and a great image showing what happens when The Muppets meet Lord of the Rings. Don’t miss the rest over on his website for some great geek artwork. Link

Hand Tooled Leather Pickguards

M.K. Holloway is a master leatherworker who lives outside of Dallas, Texas. Her guitar pickguards are wonders of detailed craftsmanship. Holloway’s Website -via Dude Craft