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New Year, New Oddball Laws

New year, new laws. When the ball dropped on midnight, January 1st, we not only rang in the new year, but also a slew of oddball laws from around the country. Good Morning America has [...]

Banana Boat Sunscreen Recalled After People Burst Into Flames

Most people use sunscreen to prevent burns, but unfortunately, that’s exactly what some people get after applying a line of Banana Boat spray-on sunscreen: they burst into flames! From CBS [...]

Belgium-Sized Mass of Floating Volcanic Rock Spotted off New Zealand

What you’re looking at is a huge mass of pumice–volcanic rock that can float. Aircraft and naval vessels from New Zealand are studying the 10,000-square mile body which is likely the product of a recent underwater volcanic eruption: The stretch of golf-ball-size pumice rocks was first spotted this week by a New Zealand air force plane [...]

10 Famous Literary Characters Based on Real People

“Write what you know,” they say. So it makes sense that many authors take a good look around at friends and family when creating characters for their books. 1. Mark Twain once admitted that he wasn’t terribly creative in creating Huckleberry Finn – he based the character almost precisely on his childhood friend Tom Blankenship. From [...]

The Donut Cops

Photo: Shutterstock A cop walks into a donut shop may sound like the start of a joke, but fighting counterfeit donuts is no laughing matter for Dunkin’ Donut. When they suspect that a franchise [...]

Stuntman covers himself in 330,000 bees

Leading bee-stuntman She Ping from China is able to endure being covered in a huge mass of bees. The bee-keeping enthusiast attracts the bees by havin…

Laser Cut Omni Tool From Mass Effect Series

Did you spend the last two weeks playing Mass Effect 3 only to find nothing but bitter disappointment and frustration at the end of the game? Well, hope is at hand when you strap this laser cut Omni Tool replica/cosplay accessory on your arm and create your own Mass Effect themed adventures all over town! A [...]

Doctor Who Shot Glasses

These awesome etched shot glasses are even cooler than they appear at first because they aren’t just mass produced trinkets, but specially made by Etsy seller Fanboyglass. Link Via That’s Nerdalicious

Is the Earth Getting Lighter?

Taking into account human spacecraft going up and cloaked alien ships coming down, is the Earth gaining or losing mass? The BBC asked Cambridge University scientists to account for all of the material leaving and arriving on Earth and in its atmosphere: But overall, Dr Smith has calculated that the Earth – including the sea and [...]

Buried MiG-25 Foxbat Jet

While searching for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, US Forces found some pretty interesting things in the desert, like this MiG-25 Foxbat interceptor. It was hidden underground with its wings removed. Military personnel dug it up by hand in 2003 and transported the jet to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio for examination. Eventually, [...]