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"This Guy Is the Bob Ross of Brick Laying."

We never see the mason’s face. He moves smoothly from brick to brick, the trowel an extension of his body, his mind, his artist’s soul. It’s beautiful. But also tragic, as YouTube commenter Trumacron points out: Just think of all the hard skilled hours that go to waste every time the Cool-aid Man shows up Video Link [...]

You Should Immediately Break up with a Girl if She Doesn’t Like Firefly

(Video Link) Mikey Mason speaks the truth. There are some things that you should never tolerate in a relationship, including cheating and not liking Firefly. What, you would stay with a girl who can’t appreciate your Jayne Cobb hat? Show some self respect, man. Walk away and find someone better. -via Dean Esmay Previously by Mikey Mason: That One [...]


(YouTube link) We tend to take them for granted, but doors are quite useful, aren’t they? The song is from Elliot Mason with video by Mike Fordham. -via b3ta

Tulsa Man Breaks Antiques Roadshow Record

This weekend, the Antiques Roadshow crew sent a Tulsa man home as a record-breaker and new retiree. Though his identity is being withheld, the most expensive item ever appraised in the show’s 16-year history, worth $1 – 1.5M, has been revealed as a set of five Chinese cups carved of rhinoceros horn. Before carrying them into [...]

Masterchef Synesthesia

(YouTube link) I’ve never watched the TV show MasterChef, but if it were edited like this, I might make the effort to tune in. This video is a Swede Mason production. -via Arbroath

Mason Jar Chandelier

What you see here is a chandelier made of wide-mouth Mason canning jars! Laura and David handcraft these one at a time to the customer’s specifications. Not only is it a conversation piece full of Southern charm, but they are energy-efficient, too! Link