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Star Wars X Disney Character Design Mashups

Even though this isn’t a totally original idea, since Disney has been doing something similar for a while now, these Star Wars – Disney animation character design mashups by Nathan H. Boyd are still pretty darn cute. Of particular note is Jiminy Cricket as Yoda and Pete (who is missing his signature cigar) as Darth Vader. Link  [...]

The Fresh Prince of Eternia

Adam got in just one little fight and was sent off to live at Castle Grayskull. Since the last time that we featured his wonderful mashups, Marco D’Alfonso has been busy combining Sesame Street with DC Comics, Transformers with Norman Rockwell, and more. Go forth and explore his hilarious gallery. Link -via Comics Alliance

Norman Rockwell’s Star Wars

James Hance is a machine that manufactures awesomeness. He does so in both high quality and massive quantity. He does so by making many mashups of Star Wars, often pairing the science fiction franchise with Winnie the Pooh. But recently, he recreated a classic Norman Rockwell illustration called “Boy and Girl Gazing at the Moon.” Wait…shouldn’t [...]

Wastelander Panda

(vimeo link) Mashups of two different but familiar stories are a common basis for internet videos, often because they are just plain strange. Can you imagine any stranger combination than Mad Max and Kung Fu Panda? Wastelander Panda is the story of a fighting panda set in a post-apocalyptic world. Epic Films produced this as part [...]

Tintin Shot First!

Cartoonist Dan Hipp’s mashups of Tintin book covers with today’s pop culture themes are so cool that I think Captain Haddock would be hard pressed to come up with an insult. Blistering barnacles – I think Hergé himself would love this! Check out Dan’s blog here: Link – via Nerdcore A few more after the jump: [...]

Pokémon/Dr. Seuss Mashup Contest

The cartoon blog Draw 2D2, I gather, offers a regular stream of mashups between different pairs of pop culture icons. Most recently, the artists there tackled Pokémon and Dr. Seuss. Jason Welborn added a few lines of Seussian poetry to his contribution. Link via Popped Culture

Morning up of Links: Disney Marvels

In response to the news that Disney will acquire Marvel Comics, people all over the net are creating mashups of Disney and Marvel characters. A boatload of these hybrids are collected at Super Punch. (via Neatorama) * The latest on Cash4Gold and their quest to sue the internet. Or at least anyone who mentions Cash4Gold in a [...]