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10 Amazing Species Discovered in 2012

From the insect that was first identified on Flickr to the iridescent blue tarantula to Myanmar’s sneezing monkey, this great Mashable list is filled with all kinds of amazing species that were discovered over the last year. Link

The 12 Memes of Christmas!

(YouTube link) Mashable brings us an internet carol, featuring lots of internet memes and appearances by some original meme characters, such as Scumbag Steve, Chuck Testa, and Tardar Sauce. See the entire list of participants at the YouTube page. -via Holy Kaw!

The Graduation Marriage Proposal

Most graduates go up to the podium to get their diplomas, but Sarah Cooper got something a bit more exciting: a surprise marriage proposal! Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] – via Campus Overload [...]

Kids Build Battlestar Galactica Viper Simulator in Garage

Talk about fracking talented! These guys have started building a full, virtual, BSG Viper simulator in their garage. The Bay Area high school kids are funding the project through Kickstarter and will unveil it this May, at Maker Faire 2012. I found out about this from Mashable, which says “The basic idea: mount the fuselage [...]

Halloween Google Doodles

Mashable has a neat post listing the Halloween edition of Google Doodle since 1999: Link If you like that, you can take a look at Google’s official Google Logo page and see all the variations throughout the years. Happy Halloween, everyone!

Lorem Ipsum Generators

Putting all of that lorem ipsum copy in for text filler in a design is sooooo boring, isn’t it? Why not jazz up your in-progress creations with something a little… meatier? The Bacon Ipsum generator is only one of the options Mashable provides, but it’s my personal favorite. You can also add text from classic [...]

Grease’s "Summer Lovin’" in Stop-Action Lego Form

Video Link This was YouTube user demondoggz‘ dissertation on stop-motion animation several years ago. Mashable has assembled a You Tube list of the best summer songs ever, but this was my favorite by far. Link via Mashable

Resumes Way Better Than Your Bullet-Pointed One

Until very recently, I was guilty of a boring, bullet-pointed resume too (I realize that’s cool in some industries, but a creative job should call for a creative resume, right?). That being said, mine still doesn’t look as good as graphic designer Katie Briggs‘. “I haven’t been turned down for anything I’ve applied for with [...]