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Wonderfully Creepy Star Wars Figurines Made from Dolls

From the darkest bowels of the twisted imagination of Stacey Rader comes Artoo Peetoo, a ghastly experiment gone wrong. Rader takes action figures and dolls, then performs cruel surgeries to combine them. In her Etsy shop, you can find similar monstrosities inspired by Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel Comics, DC Comics and more. Link -via Technabob

LEGO Captain America Kicks Some Serious Bricks

(YouTube Video) Come for the reference to popular building bricks LEGO, stay for the graphic animated violence that makes bricks fly like never before. LEGO Captain America may be the most badass incarnation of the Marvel Comics character ever created, and that’s saying a lot since he’s been kicking tail in the comics since the 40s. [...]

For Tax Purposes, Marvel Argues that Mutants Aren’t Human

It’s stunning that Marvel Comics would throw its weight behind the Mutant Registration Act. But in order to keep more money, the company’s attorneys argue that mutants, such as the X-Men, aren’t human: In the non-fictional world, our world, Marvel is taking the position that mutants are not humans at all. But this isn’t an ideological [...]

MODOK Tells Strange Tales For Halloween

(YouTube Link) Here is an animated short that is sure to delight, or fill you with fright! Watch as Marvel Comics’ M.O.D.O.K., dressed as Elvira, Mistress of the Dark tells “Strange Halloween Tales Of Suspense To Astonish!” –via ComicsAlliance

The Dark Tower Movie No More

I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors by now that Stephen King’s Dark Tower would be coming to the big screen in an epic adaptation. Well, if this idea made you giddy and you can’t wait to see it happen, then I suggest you sit down because the Dark Tower movie has gone bust, its fate [...]

Stan Lee’s $2 Critique

Back in 1947, Stan Lee (former head of Marvel Comics and creator of Spiderman) offered to review and critique the work of aspiring artists for just a buck. When a wise guy took him up on his offer 25 years later, sending $2 to account for inflation, well… Stan just couldn’t say no. Link via [...]

Steampunk Iron Man

This man won the Marvel comics cosplay competition at the New York Comic Con. Speaking of which, here’s an interesting line: “Steampunk is when goths discover brown.” (via) Do you agree? Link via DVICE | Photo: Judy Stephens

Marvel Cats

#MRVLCATS is a Twitter meme for which artists illustrate Marvel superheroes and other comic book characters as cats. Shown here is Dr. Strange by Adam Koford (who also did the artwork around this page). Agent M works for Marvel comics. He is collecting the artworks on his blog, so you can see all the best [...]

Donald Duck Transformer

Andrew Dobrow of GearFuse worries that we could see more monstrosities like this if Disney buys Hasbro as well as Marvel Comics. The “Donald Duck Holiday Vehicle” is on sale (but backordered) from the Japanese company Takara Tomy for about $40. Most worrisome of all — it bears neither the Autobot nor Decepticon icon. Link via [...]