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Someone Get Him to the Garage

(Video Link) This little pink Cadillac might not run all that great, but it certainly looks amazing, especially with someone as handsome as Maru behind the wheel. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Maru Gets a Job

(YouTube link) Yes, Maru has posed for plenty of pictures, and short clips of his YouTube videos have been used in ads, such as the one I recall for cat litter. But this time, he’s actually made a commercial spot for Uniqlo. This looks like the beginning of a great career! -via Buzzfeed Previously: More Maru

Can Maru Get The Mouse?

(Video Link) Maru’s arch nemesis: a plastic drawer containing his toy mouse. Will he be able to take down his enemy and get his prize? Find out in this episode of Maru: The Box Lover! Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Because We Can’t Get Enough Maru

(Video Link) Maru tends to be typecast as the box-loving cat, but he has plenty more interests than just boxes. For example, he also love bags and grass. Via Cute Overload

Maru’s Incredible Transparent Box

(Video Link) Have you ever wondered what Maru’s fat belly looks like while crammed inside of one of his skinny little boxes? Well now you know, it’s still adorable as all heck. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Maru at the Oscars

You know what would make the best feature films of 2011 even better? If Maru starred in them! The Cheezburger Network has a collection dedicated to both the Academy Awards and the internet’s favorite cat. See the movie posters as they would be with Maru in the leading role. Or directing. Or just looking good [...]

Maru’s New House

(YouTube link) Maru received the gift of a new Kamakura house, which he apparently appreciates. See more pictures at his blog. Link -via Buzzfeed

How Much Maru Is Too Much?

(Video Link) Is triple Maru too much to handle?

Maru In Slow Motion

(Video Link) It’s always hard to resist Maru, but when he’s up to his antics in slow motion, it makes you want to reach out and grab him for all the cuddles he could handle. Via ICanHasCheezburger

Maru Cat Costume

Maru, the web celebrity cat from Japan, loves to crawl in and out of boxes. A young lady in Edinburgh named Rachel made this excellent costume in imitation of him. We need a video. Nay, we need impersonating Maru to become a major Internet meme. Link -via Craft | Photo: That in Black Ink