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Marvin The Martian Fuzzy Backpack

Marvin The Martian Fuzzy Backpack – $35.95 Are you looking for an earth-shatteringly fun backpack? You need the Marvin The Martian Fuzzy Backpack from the NeatoShop. This simply dandy bag features your favorite angry martian. Yes! Isn’t it delightful?  Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more fantastic Bags & Backpacks and simply wonderful Marvin The [...]

Is Mars now too dry for life to survive ?

Scientists believe 600 million years of drought have rendered the Martian surface totally devoid of life. Despite some wetter periods the surface has …

Meteorites from Mars Rain Down on Earth

Didn’t Starship Troopers feature aliens hitting the Earth with rocks? Well, I’m sure that it’s nothing. Anyway, we’re getting hit by meteorites of Martian origin: Scientists are confirming that 15 pounds of rock collected recently in Morocco fell to Earth from Mars during a meteorite shower last July. This is only the fifth time in history scientists [...]

Obama on Mars?

Danger Room tells us of a claim made by Andrew D. Basiago and William Stillings, a pair of self-proclaimed time-traveling government agents, that President Obama was part of a CIA mission to explore Mars beginning in 1980. They say he was teleported to the red planet. Obama wasn’t the only one making the otherworldly voyage. As [...]

The Unofficial Smithers Love Song

D’oh no! Its’ the Smithers Love Song by Your Favorite Martian.

Your Favorite Villain Strikes Back

Our favorite martian, Ray William Johnson, just put out a new music video featuring all your favorite villains. See how many you know in the funny video below.

Club Villain

See how many villains you recognize in the latest music vid by Your Favorite Martian. I have to admit I only knew about three fourths of them.

Zombie Love Song

(YouTube link) “If my heart was still beating, it would beat for you.” Enjoy this “post-apocalyptic postmortem” love song from Your Favorite Martian. -via Geeks Are Sexy

Methane study boosts hunt for life on Mars

British scientists have succeeded in ruling out one of the three possible sources for methane detected in the Martian atmosphere, that it was brou…

Martian meteorite returns to spotlight

The same NASA team which discovered the famous Martian meteorite thought to contain evidence of microbial life has re-elevated the research follow…