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The Late Movies: Awesome & Elaborate Marriage Proposals

About a week ago, a guy named Jamin proposed to his girlfriend Valerie at Downtown Disney with a Marvels Dance Company flash mob. The video, showing both the flash mob and Valerie’s reactions, quickly shot around the Internet, racking up more than 610,000 views in just one week. After we watched the video, we started [...]

Mexico City Considers Marriage Licenses That Expire after Two Years

Divorces can be messy, so legislators in Mexico City are considering a way to prevent them. They want to allow couples to set expiration dates on their marriages. If a couple decides not to renew, their marriage simply dissolves after as little as two years: The minimum marriage contract would be for two years and could [...]

Get Engaged the Bruce Campbell Way

(Video Link) You could get Patrick Stewart to help out with your marriage proposal, but this geek decided to pop the question to his girlfriend according to the Evil Dead tradition. Bruce Campbell was also a guest of the recent Chicago Comic Con and cooperated with this grand romantic gesture. -via The Mary Sue

Comic-Con Proposal

(YouTube link) Yes, this is another public marriage proposal video, taken at Comic-Con. Yes, the audio is difficult to hear, and for some reason the person recording it held the phone upright. But it’s short and the last few seconds make it all worthwhile. -via reddit

Anti-android marriage activist speaks out

An activist in Maryland has tried to make a case against the future of marriage to androids. In a bizarre move the activist suggested that the current…

Chimpanzeess wedding ceremony

Chimpanzees celebrate wedding after arranged marriage A pair of chimpanzees have been married in a ceremony at a zoo in China – surrounded by photographers recording the happy occasion.The happy groom for the day was four-year-old Yangyang, who it turns out is a bit of a toyboy (in chimpanzee years, at least), as his blushing [...]

Can Boat Captains Really Marry People?

Reader Meredith wrote in with a question: “Why can boat captains marry people? Can other people in charge of other large vessels perform weddings?” Meredith, if you plan to have a boat captain officiate your wedding (how Jim and Pam of you), I hope you read this before leaving port. While a good sailor knows that [...]

The Secret of a Successful Marriage: Trophy Wife!

Researchers have finally unlocked the secret of a happy marriage: trophy wife! No, seriously. The study found that marrying smarter and younger women results in less fewer divorces and greater marriage bliss: The researchers studied interviews of more than 1,500 couples who were married or in a serious relationship. Five years later, they followed up 1,000 [...]

Catholic issues prayer before Sex

Roman Catholic couples are being encouraged to pray together before they have sex. A book published by a prominent Church group invites those setting out on married life to recite the specially-composed Prayer Before Making Love. It is aimed at ‘purifying their intentions’ so that the act is not about selfishness or hedonism. Message: The Roman Catholic church [...]

10 Quirky Marriage Proposals

Since the mental_floss article Modern Marriage Proposals was published in 2007, I have read about many more marvelous methods men have used to asked for their sweetheart’s hand in marriage, plus a couple of proposals that started out traditionally and ended up in the news because of embarrassing unforeseen circumstances. 1. Hay Bales William Butler took advantage [...]