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The Glove and Boots Wedding Proposal

(YouTube link) We’ve had a couple of Glove and Boots videos here before. This one is a bit different, as the puppets Fafa and Mario were recruited to produce a personal marriage proposal. How could any woman resist an engagement ring that sings …along with a gorilla? -via The Daily What

The Graduation Marriage Proposal

Most graduates go up to the podium to get their diplomas, but Sarah Cooper got something a bit more exciting: a surprise marriage proposal! Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] – via Campus Overload [...]

Get Engaged the Bruce Campbell Way

(Video Link) You could get Patrick Stewart to help out with your marriage proposal, but this geek decided to pop the question to his girlfriend according to the Evil Dead tradition. Bruce Campbell was also a guest of the recent Chicago Comic Con and cooperated with this grand romantic gesture. -via The Mary Sue

Comic-Con Proposal

(YouTube link) Yes, this is another public marriage proposal video, taken at Comic-Con. Yes, the audio is difficult to hear, and for some reason the person recording it held the phone upright. But it’s short and the last few seconds make it all worthwhile. -via reddit

10 Dramatic Marriage Proposals

I saw a new online marriage proposal yesterday. While I waited to see what the potential bride’s reaction was, I thought about how many imaginative proposals I’ve seen. Some are so very public and entertaining, yet personal at the same time because they are custom-made for the couple involved. If you haven’t seen these, you [...]

Epic Marriage Proposal

(YouTube link) Over a few years and several blogs I have posted quite a few imaginative marriage proposals, but this is by far the most elaborate proposal I have ever encountered. Steve posted the story at the YouTube page. I have know my fiance Tracey Wade for over 14 years and wanted to propose to her in [...]