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Police: Suspect Tried to Hide from Thermal Sensors in a Pile of Manure

But…it works in the movies! Why not in real life? On the run from a police helicopter, a man in Wiltshire, UK hid inside a manure pile: The 34-year-old Lithuanian man, from Ilford, Essex, was found “face-down in the dung” by officers after abandoning his van in Manton near Marlborough. [...] According to a police spokesperson, the [...]

Elephant Balancing on the Tip of Its Trunk

You can find this amusing sculpture by Miquel Barcel√≥ in Union Square in New York City. It stands 26 feet tall and weighs 7 tons. Why an elephant, let alone one in this position? The artist explained, “A tree looks like an upside-down elephant, and when you touch a tree, it feels like the skin [...]