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“Will You Marry Me?” The Infographic

Infographics are often used as a marketing ploy for shady websites, but sometimes they can be created with much more honest motives. For example, this one was created by Drake Martinet as a clever way to propose to his girlfriend and it’s sweet as all heck. Click on the link to read the rest. Link

5 Idiotic Marketing Disasters

We’ve all heard a marketing campaign at some point and thought, “that is just stupid,” but most bad advertising strategies just result in a few less sales than a successful campaign would have brought in. Sometimes though, a company will run a campaign that’s so idiotic that the company ends up losing thousands, if not [...]

2000 Pound Transformers Bumblebee Camaro Pastry Created by "Cake Boss"

This is some great viral marketing for the new Transformers movie, but it’s still really cool. The team from “Cake Boss” created a replica of the Bumblebee – Camaro Transformer out of cake. After all that work I can’t imagine anyone actually eating it; plus it might fight back. See full clip at the link. Link

Business Books of Harry Potter

They can’t all be wizards and witches, even in the magical world of Harry Potter, someone’s got to do the PR, marketing and social media work in Diagon Alley … BuzzFeed’s Amy Sly imagined what the business books of Harry Potter (I wonder if they teach these subjects in Hogwarts): Link


They look like strawberries drained of their color, right? These are pineberries — a fruit that is derived from strawberries but taste like pineapple: What you see above are, genetically, common strawberries. They’re a cultivar thereof — a type of strawberry specifically cultivated due to the uniqueness of the variety present. Called “pineberries,” these strawberries originally [...]

Chanel Samurai Armor

No, Chanel isn’t marketing to the ComicCon crowd. This is a work by artist Tetsuya Noguchi in homage to the famous French design house. Pink Tentacle assembled a photogallery of the suit. Link

6 Promotions That Didn’t Quite Work Out

Marketing has come a long way in the last two centuries, but it’s hard to get people’s attention these days. Sometimes, you’ve got to do something big and outrageous and potentially dangerous, and sometimes, those things don’t always work out exactly the way you’d planned. Like employing a guerilla marketing firm to promote a cartoon [...]