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The Supermarket “Man Aisle”

Men, do you hate grocery shopping? The Westside Market in New York City feels your pain, so it created something just for you: a "man aisle" where you can find all dude-related items in [...]

7 Weird Tourist Destinations

Sure most people want to spend their summers in Hawaii, Bermuda or somewhere else warm and sunny, but there are plenty of others who prefer their vacation destinations to be a little off the beaten path. Here are a few of the strangest tourist destinations in the world. Guanajuato Mummy Museum Back in 1870, the cemetery in [...]

Video Game Real Estate Agent

(Video Link) Since the housing market bubble popped, it’s been really hard to earn a living as a realtor. It’s a buyers’ market, and they’ve got to make hard sales pitches. Take this realtor, for example, who is trying to offload homes in Super Mario Bros., Street Fighter, Donkey Kong and Q*bert. -via Kotaku

The Fried Food of Sicily

The last time we checked in with Michael Powell and Juergen Horn at For 91 Days, they were preparing to leave Bolivia and move to Palermo, Italy. Of course, part of soaking up a culture is the wonderful food in the different places they’ve been. It turns out that the people of Sicily love fried [...]

How Whole Foods Market "Primes" Customers to Shop

Attention sheeple … er, shoppers! You may not know it, but if you’ve ever entered a Whole Foods Market, you’ve actually been "primed" to shop. Martin Lindstrom, author of Brandwashed: Tricks Companies Use to Manipulate [...]

Stone Age Rest Stop

In Britain a super market chain was building a new store when they uncovered the remains of a seven thousand year old rest stop. Wouldn’t it have been weirder if they were going to build a highway rest stop? Archaeologists believe the remains of burned oak uncovered at the site of the first Sainsbury’s in [...]

The Witches’ Market

Take a visit to the Mercado de Hechecería, or The Witches’ Market in La Paz, Bolivia. But be prepared for what you will find. We stepped inside one of the stores to get a closer look. Note: this is serious, sacred business to the people who shop and work here, and irony-seeking tourists aren’t exactly appreciated. [...]

Banana Handset

Banana Handset – $14.95 Are you on the market for a new handset for your mobile phone? You need the Banana Handset from the NeatoShop. We think It is the most appealing ape-peeling handset on the market. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more fabulous Mobile Phone Accessories. Link

Is Strategic Default Morally Wrong?

As the real estate market continues to limp along, more and more homeowners are opting for strategic default – basically walking away from a mortgage you can afford to pay. Many describe it as a savvy business decision (even if it ruined their credit), but is it a moral shortcoming? Despite the fact that he and his [...]

Chemistry Set with No Chemicals

You have to wonder about the culture that creates a market for a toy like this. If you are afraid of your children using chemicals, why would you be interested in a chemistry set at all? Link -via The Daily What