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8 Prehistoric Creatures from Your Nightmares

We see fossil reconstructions or illustrations of species that have come and gone and we sometimes say, “Come on now, that can’t be real!” Or maybe you don’t, but I have, because these creatures look like they came from a horror film or a child’s most frightening nightmares. 1. The Creature: Platybelodon The Nightmare: Pink Elephants on [...]

Azhdarchids: The Largest Flying Creatures That Have Ever Existed on Earth

Image: Mark Witton/Darren Naish What do you get when you combine a bird with a giraffe? The largest flying creatures that have ever existed on Earth: With wingspans of 40 to 50 ft, the Azhdarchids were pterosaurs as big as some modern aircraft, with incredibly lop-sided bodies. Hugely long legs, beaks and necks adorned unusually small torsos [...]

Darwinopterus, the New Flying Dinosaur

Fossils of flying reptiles come in two versions: the older long-tailed pterosaurs and the more recent short-tailed versions. The fossil gap between the two was a mystery until 20 skeletons of a new species were discovered early in 2009 in northeast China. The new pterosaur was named Darwinopterus in honor of the 200th anniversary of [...]