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How To Draw A Cartoon Zombie

The new season of The Walking Dead starts this coming Sunday, and Halloween is creeping up on us, too! Time to make your mark by leaving little cartoon zombies on your notes, correspondence, and desk blotter. Mark Anderson of Andertoons makes it easy for you with a tutorial on drawing a cartoon zombie. He’s kinda [...]

How To Draw A Cartoon Pirate

One of the biggest made-up holidays we love to celebrate on the internet, if not in real life, is Talk Like a Pirate Day, which is this Wednesday! You don’t have to be an “Arrr-tist” to leave your mark with a little pirate cartoon. It’s easy to draw, thanks to a tutorial by Mark Anderson [...]

How to Draw Batman

If you’re excited about the opening of the film The Dark Knight Rises this weekend, you have Bat Fever. One way to relieve the tension is to draw little Batman figures on all your correspondence, notepads, to-do lists, and your calendar, too. Mark Anderson of Andertoons has another simple tutorial for you, so you can [...]

How To Draw A Cartoon R2D2

Happy Star Wars Day! As a Star Wars Day gift, Mark Anderson of Andertoons gives you a quick tutorial on how to draw R2D2. Leave one on your refrigerator for the holiday, or decorate a note to someone and say “May the fourth be with you!” Link -Thanks, Mark!

Draw a Bunny!

You can fool your family and co-workers into thinking you have serious artistic talent by doodling bunnies between now and Easter Sunday. How? Just follow the instructions in the latest tutorial from cartoonist Mark Anderson at Andertoons. Link

How to Draw a Leprechaun

Cartoonist Mark Anderson offers instructions for drawing a simple leprechaun that you can use to show your Irish spirit ahead of St. Patrick’s Day this weekend. But even better, if you draw one and send it in, he’ll post it at Andertoons! Link

The Platonic Fairy

Just got friend-zoned? Here’s the culprit: the Platonic Fairy, as visualized by cartoonist Mark Anderson.  View lots more really neat cartoons over at Mark’s website | Valentine’s Day [...]

Can You Identify All of the Cartoons in MetLife’s Super Bowl Ad?

Who showed up in MetLife’s toon-filled Super Bowl ad? And can you find Waldo? Cartoonist Mark Anderson has the answers (and one question in his blog – see if you can identify the mystery [...]

LEGO Alphabet Spaceships

Mark Anderson of Andertoons set out to make a Lego spaceship that resembled each of the 26 letters of the alphabet. It took two years to accomplish this goal, but he did it! Now all those spaceships are posted for your enjoyment. Link -Thanks, Mark!

Super Friends Valentines Superpack

Transport yourself back to grade school -to 30 years ago when this Super Friends Valentine package hit the stores. Pages from the 11 x 17″ book of valentines are scanned big so you can print, cut, and put these simple paper crafts together, such as putting wheels on Batgirl’s Batcycle. Pages and pages are available [...]