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Defending The Mushroom Kingdom In Mario Warfare

(YouTube Link) There’s battle a-brewin’ in the Mushroom Kingdom, and only Special Forces agents Mario and Luigi can crush the evil dictator Koopa and save countless mushroom headed lives. It’s Mario Warfare by production company Beat Down Boogie, a full length live action spoof of the Super Mario Bros. franchise that’s been in the works for quite [...]

The Third Mario Brother

Mario and Luigi might have all the glorious adventure saving the princess and all, but someone has to keep the plumbing business afloat. That job sadly fell on the third Mario Brother, Guiseppe. Geeks Are Sexy [...]

The Super Mario Bathroom

Nerds are the same as all of us – I mean, we all have similar bodily functions – except that they’ve got cooler bathrooms. Way cooler. Nerd Approved has the round up of The World’s Nerdiest Bathrooms – and the list doesn’t [...]

David’s Secret Weapon

Well it makes sense, doesn’t it! Love the shield. Design by Ben Chen. Check out all of his pop art in his incredible Flickr feed, including plumbers in the 1930’s featuring Mario and Luigi and cutie-pie designs with knitting pandas and a Darth Vader goose–yeah, you read that right–laying a Death Star egg. Link -via Like [...]