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Marine Corps Mascot Promoted under Controversial Circumstances

Chesty XIII* is an enlisted bulldog in the United States Marine Corps and that force’s official mascot. His recent promotion from corporal to sergeant was almost aborted after Chesty angrily confronted a golden retriever owned by the Secretary of Defense. It was a major breach of protocol that, according to some Marines, indicated that Chesty [...]

Ex-military pilot reveals UFO encounter

Marine Corps captain Larry Jividen has told the story of a UFO he witnessed 40 years ago. Jividen had been flying a T-39D Sabreliner aircraft with fiv…

R. Lee Ermey Knitting

Yes, the former Marine sergeant and actor who played the drill instructor in Full Metal Jacket (NSFW language) can knit. Got a problem with that? Link -via New Jovian Thunderbolt | Photo: Laurie Perry

World’s oceans move into ‘extinction phase’

Scientists warn that human activities may have pushed our oceans in to a new “extinction phase”. Marine experts have published a report outlining the …


It was just another day at Marine biologist Andrew Perry’s rather unusual job ( he moves icebergs that are drifting toward stationary deep-water oil rigs), when he discovered something unusual: Perry was out trawling for icebergs with Oceans Limited, a Canadian company that identifies which of the tremendous floaters are drifting towards stationary deep-water oil rigs, when [...]

Water Skeletons: Bones Made from Fluid

Animals that live underwater as so different they never fail to astound us. Marine invertebrates may flop like jelly when we see them on land, but in their own environment they can be as rigid as they need to be, thanks to the fluid skeletons they formed by compressing water within their organs. Read about [...]

Four Things EVERYONE Needs to Know about Sharks

Marine biologist and blogger “WhySharksMatter” has created a list of four things everyone needs to know about sharks. Full of  thought-provoking facts and cool pictures of sharks, this post will be interesting to the ocean lover in all of us. “Human beings are better off with sharks than we are without sharks, and we are in [...]