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Squid Chromatophores

(YouTube link) What you see here is a microscopic view of a squid’s surface, showing the action of its chromatophores. Chromatophores are pigment-rich, light-reflecting cells found in amphibians, fish, reptiles and cephalopods, such as squid. The cells dictate eye and skin colour and, in some species, allow the bearer to adopt a colour-changing camouflage when stimulated by [...]

Bloodsucking Parasite Named After Bob Marley

Photo: Elizabeth Brill Scientists have certainly stirred it up some with this: they’ve named a parasite that feed on blood after the reggae legend Bob Marley. Paul Sikkel, an assistant professor of marine ecology and a field [...]

I Have One Simple Request and That Is to Have Sharks with Freakin’ Laser Beams

It’s taken fifteen years, but Dr. Evil’s dream has finally come true. In April, marine biologist and TV personality Luke Tipple attached a 50-milliwatt laser emitter to the dorsal fin of a lemon shark. Can the shark control the laser beam? Not yet. The march of technological progress is a slow one. But we, the human [...]

The Oceans are Unexplored

In this eight-minute talk, marine biologist Dave Gallo talks about the world’s oceans — how vast they are, what’s down there (that we know about), and why we should care. While it’s a brief talk, there’s a lot of great material here, including some discussion (and video) of the vampire squid, an octopod-looking guy [...]


It was just another day at Marine biologist Andrew Perry’s rather unusual job ( he moves icebergs that are drifting toward stationary deep-water oil rigs), when he discovered something unusual: Perry was out trawling for icebergs with Oceans Limited, a Canadian company that identifies which of the tremendous floaters are drifting towards stationary deep-water oil rigs, when [...]

Flying Squid

So far, they don’t have opposable thumbs or laser eyes, but some squid can jump out of the water. Specifically, the Caribbean reef squid can leap 50 times its own body length: Marine biologist Silvia Maciá was boating on the north coast of Jamaica in the summer of 2001 when she noticed something soar out of [...]

New Species of Strawberry Crab Discovered

Marine biologist Professor Ho Ping-ho from the National Taiwan Ocean University has discovered a new species of strawberry crab off southern Taiwan.  While there are other species of strawberry crab, this particular one has a unique clam shaped shell. Click the link for larger photos. Link From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Geekazoid.

Should we let some endangered species die?

Marine biologist and blogger WhySharksMatter presents the latest in his award-winning “ethical debate” series, showcasing a “hot topic” from the environmental movement, presenting both sides, and asking readers to argue it out in the comments. Since his readership includes scientists, politicians, and leaders from the environmental movement, these discussions are always interesting, and this one [...]

Join The Discussion: Should We Pay Fisherman Not To Fish?

Marine biologist and blogger WhySharksMatter presents the latest in his “ethical debate” series, picking a hot topic from the field of conservation biology, presenting both sides, and letting his readers argue it out. Since his readers include scientists, conservationists, students, and laypeople from around the world, these conversations are always interesting. This week’s ethical debate… [...]

Four Things EVERYONE Needs to Know about Sharks

Marine biologist and blogger “WhySharksMatter” has created a list of four things everyone needs to know about sharks. Full of  thought-provoking facts and cool pictures of sharks, this post will be interesting to the ocean lover in all of us. “Human beings are better off with sharks than we are without sharks, and we are in [...]