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Bad Girls Club: Women of the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List

Around 500 people have appeared on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list since its inception in 1949. But only eight of those fugitives have been women. Let’s take a look at these dangerous women’s stories. 1. Ruth Eisemann-Schier FBI authorities probably knew that it would take a doozy of a crime for a woman to [...]

Explaining Hollywood’s Most Famous Noises

By John Scott Lewinski If you’ve seen Star Wars, Indiana Jones, or Wall-E, then you know the work of Hollywood’s most legendary sound designer, Ben Burtt. After taking his first (uncredited) job on the original Death Race 2000 in 1975, Burtt would go on to turn movie sound into an art. By capturing and manipulating ambient [...]

After Microsoft

“Bliss” by Charles O’Rear (L), “After Microsoft by Goldin & Senneby (R) The default desktop image for Windows XP was called “Bliss,” and became instantly recognizable. The image was taken by a photographer named Charles O’Rear, but now it’s being phased out. The image on the right is what that hill in Sonoma Valley looks like [...]