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My Little Lady Gaga

This pony wasn’t born this way, but subjected to the work of master ponysmith Mari Kasurinen. Here’s a ponified Lady Gaga wearing her famous meat dress. Link | Artist’s Website

15 My Little Pony Mashups

If you want to create something that will appeal to internet surfers, keep this in mind: the essence of comedy of the juxtaposition of opposites, or at least somewhat unrelated things. When you combine the pleasantness of something cute with the excitement of something popular but not cute, you get a surefire hit -that is, [...]

My Little Alien

Something’s wrong with this pony. My Pinkie sense is tingling. Mari Kasurinen crafted this mad vision of H.R. Giger’s alien queen from sculpey and painted it with acrylic. Link

My Little Pop Icons

Photo link We’ve seen Finnish artist Mari Kasurinen’s work on Neatorama before. She’s at it again with her My Little Pony mods, now going after pop icons from Lady Gaga to Thriller-era Michael Jackson. My favorites are the Mad Hatter (pictured) and Edward Scissorhands. Link via

My Little Pony: The Superhero Mods

(L) Rogue by Mari Kasurinen (R) Galactus and the tiny Silver Surfer by Jodi K. Moisan We’ve featured the customized My Little Ponies before on Neatorama, but Laura Hudson of Comics Alliance has a compilation post that is too good to pass over. Some of them are amazingly detailed! Here’s her selection of 21 Awesomest Superhero Mods [...]