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Siri Will No Longer Tell You Where to Find Prostitutes

Siri, Apple’s intelligent personal assistant application built into the iPhone 5, is programmed to answer your vocalized questions. But for users in China, there are some questions that she will no longer answer: The inactivation came after Siri users found the popular voice-activated personal assistant on their iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPad3 responded to inquiries such as “Where [...]

The Most Amazing Juggler in the World Needs Only One Ball

(Video Link) Halfway through this performance, Mister Babache picks up a second ball. But that’s only after wowing you with just one. Is this really just CGI? If this performer didn’t already have a top reputation for his work, I’d think so. -via Marginal Revolution

The Comprehensive Guide to Regional Sandwiches of the United States

Serious Eats compiled a mouth-watering list of 48 sandwiches that can be found in different regions of the United States. I’m especially intrigued by this New York City concoction called a “bagel and lox.” Its essential ingredients are a bagel, cream cheese and smoked salmon. Yum! Link -via Marginal Revolution | Photo: adactio

The World’s Longest Bus Can Hold 256 People

You’d think that this whopper, at 98 feet long, would be hard to maneuver. But the drivers of this new bus in Dresden, Germany won’t need any extra training: Said to be as easily maneuverable as a commonly sized bus, the Autotram Extra Grand makes use of a computer system to aid its driver with turning. The [...]

The Psychological Advantage of Bonding with Batman

Do you feel more confident and powerful after watching a superhero movie? Researchers led by Ariana Young of the University of Buffalo studied this emotional effect. They asked 98 young men how they felt about Batman and Spider-Man and showed them pictures of the heroes, depicted with variously muscular or normal physiques. Researchers then asked the [...]

Inventor Proposes Levitating Buildings on Air Cushions During Earthquakes

(Video Link) Those of us who merely watched the devastating 2011 Tohoku earthquake on screens got to witness something amazing: the resiliency and resourcefulness of the Japanese people. And we’re still seeing it as Japan prepares for future earthquakes. Here’s one example. Youichi Sakamoto invented a foundation structure that raises buildings on air pockets as soon [...]

Alan Turing’s School Grades

As an adult, Alan Turing proved to be a genius. Among other accomplishments, he was a pioneer in computer science. But when he was a teenager, Turing was less impressive. Here’s what his English instructor said about his work: Without being lazy, he seems to do his work rather perfunctorily. I should like to see [...]

Slovakia Plans to Name a Bridge after Chuck Norris

Slovakia is cleverly and inexpensively rendering its border with Austria completely impregnable. How? It’s naming a bridge at a border crossing after action movie hero Chuck Norris: The actor’s work has become a popular source of kitschy fun among Slovaks and a mainstay for local jokes about macho strength and invincibility. [...] The voting will run until [...]

Nursing Home for People with Senile Dementia Disguised as Ordinary Village

It’s hard to watch the mind of a beloved family member slip, and also painful to know that you’re losing mental acuity with age. Now there’s a nursing home in Wiedlisbach, Switzerland designed to make that transition easier. Caretakers lead residents to believe that they’re living independent lives in the past: The newly approved €20m (£17m) [...]

A Realistic Painting of Washington Crossing the Delaware

In 1851, Emanuel Leutze painted General Washington and his army crossing the freezing Delaware River on the night of December 25, 1776 on their way to successfully attack the Hessian mercenary garrison at Trenton, New Jersey. That painting became one of the great icons of American historical art. It was not, however, an accurate depiction of [...]