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World Map Aquarium

Let your fishies tour the globe from the comfort of your home with this world map aquarium. No guarantees that your finned friends will appreciate being world travelers, but you’ll appreciate the fun to be had pretending your little fishies are pirates and merchant ships battling it out on the high seas. Even better than the playtime [...]

The Ulysses Map

It took Rachel Kerr three years to create, but it’s worth the wait: Leopold’s Day is a map of Dublin that features the city as it was described in James Joyce’s masterpiece Ulysses. Rachel also made a directory [...]

The Gastric Subway

Steven McGaughey is a medical student by day and "design nerd" by night. He created this clever map, The Gastric Subway, a tongue-in-cheek subway map version of the human digestive system. We all know [...]

Collision Course: A Brief Guide to Earth’s Most Interesting Impact Craters

A Norwegian family arrived at their cabin to open it up for the spring and found a surprise: a large rock had smashed through the roof. It was identified as a 1.3 pound breccia meteorite. It didn’t hurt anybody, and its sale price should easily cover the damage to the roof; meteorites are valuable to [...]

Artificial Toilet Testing, uh, Material

The people of MaP (Maximum Performance) are devoted to one goal: improving the design of flush toilets. In order to effectively test toilets, they need a material that accurately simulates human-delivered content. Their research led them to create 350 gram segments of soybean paste, which are dropped into a toilet from an appropriate level and [...]

World Mosaic Made with App Logos

This world map is a pretty neat little feat of graphic art, as it is built of tiny images of app logos. But it is also interactive, so you can click on each logo at the linked site and be taken to the company that produces the particular application. I can’t say whether the apps [...]

Zombie Apocalypse: A Map of Resources

You were foolish and didn’t make any preparations until it was too late. Now there are zombies everywhere and you need supplies.* Go directly to the interactive Map of the Dead. Type in an address and it will plot out gun stores, liquor stores, hospitals, hardware stores and other resources in your area. Link -via Say [...]

Titanic shipwreck mapped on ocean floor

Researchers have pieced together a complete and detailed map of the wreckage of the ill-fated Titanic. It is hoped that the new images will help revea…

Where the Trees Are

NASA posted a map detailing the “Aboveground Woody Biomass” in the continental United States (in other words, trees). Josef Kellndorfer and Wayne Walker of the Woods Hole Research Center (WHRC) recently worked with colleagues at the U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Geological Survey to create such an inventory for the United States. The map above was [...]

Weather Monsters

A weather map from yesterday shows Godzilla eating Iowa while Mothra (or is it Rodan?) zooms in from the Pacific Northwest. We are all doomed! Link