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Tornado Tracks

John Nelson of IDV Solutions took 56 years worth of tornado data from the NOAA and visualized them on a map of the United States based on their F-Scales: Link – via O’Reilly [...]

Map of the United States According to A New Yorker

Dan Abramson drew a map of the United States of America as seen by New Yorker over at Funny or Die. As far as I can tell based on my interactions with New Yorkers, it’s entirely accurate. I love New York and New Yorkers. I found them to be amongst the nicest and most helpful people [...]

An Interactive Map of Where Americans are Moving

Forbes presents an interactive county map of the United States that shows where people are moving. Just click on a county to view where new arrivals came from or people are going to. You can also select from nine major metropolitan areas. Link via Glenn Reynolds

Comparing US States with the Economies of Other Countries

The Economist created a map of the United States that matches each state with a national economy of comparable size as measured by Gross Domestic Product in 2009. It’s interactive. So at the link, you can hover your cursor over each state and get more detailed information. Link via Ace of Spades HQ Previously: Map of US [...]

Map of US States Showing Countries of Equal Population

This map by James Richards overlays a map of the United States with the flags of countries with populations equal to the respective states. You can view a much larger image at the link. Link via Strange Maps | Flags of the World