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5 More People Who Accidentally Found a Fortune

We’ve all found something that we thought might be worth a lot of money. We have not all been fortunate enough to stumble across anything actually worth a fortune. Rob has shared some of these stories before, but here are a few more people who accidentally discovered something incredibly valuable. 1. A 500-Year-Old Pendant Taking a three-year-old [...]

How Cryptic: 4 Famous Unsolved Ciphers and Codes

People love a good mystery, and few things are more mysterious than a long-unsolved code. Here are the stories of four ciphers and codes we’ve been unable to crack. 1. The Shugborough Inscription Letters carved into Shepherd’s Monument at Shugborough Hall in the mid-1700s, commissioned by Thomas and Admiral George Anson, continue to ignite the interest of [...]

Jane Austen’s Unfinished Manuscript for Sale

In July, Sotheby’s of London will auction off the only handwritten Jane Austen manuscript in private hands. It’s the unfinished novel The Watsons, which some say Austen might have completed if it weren’t so close to her own family life. The Watsons manuscript shows how Austen’s other manuscripts must have looked. It also shines an interesting [...]

The Brabant Chronicle

Brabant is a province of Belgium. The Brabant Chronicle is a 14th-century manuscript by Jan Van Boendale. The chronicle was published in several updated versions and covers events of the area from around the year 600 to 1350, and is composed of 16,000 rhyming lines and illustrations. The volumes are owned by the Royal Library [...]

Da Vinci manuscript found in France

A rare Leonardo Da Vinci coded manuscript has been discovered in a public library in France. It was one of several thousand manuscripts donated by Pie…

Voynich manuscript is genuine

The mysterious 246-page Voynich manuscript named after Wilfred Voynich who obtained it in 1912 has been dated to the 15th century and found to be …