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Police: Suspect Tried to Hide from Thermal Sensors in a Pile of Manure

But…it works in the movies! Why not in real life? On the run from a police helicopter, a man in Wiltshire, UK hid inside a manure pile: The 34-year-old Lithuanian man, from Ilford, Essex, was found “face-down in the dung” by officers after abandoning his van in Manton near Marlborough. [...] According to a police spokesperson, the [...]

Visiting Cowboys Save City Horse From Drain

A carriage horse in Memphis, Tennessee had a wild weekend. The horse slipped on some manure and ended up stuck in a drain. Lucky for the horse some real cowboys were in town for a roping contest. The cowboys were able to slide the horse out of the drain using the manure like grease. The [...]

Farmer Expresses Love for His Wife with 120,000 Pounds of Manure

Dick Kleis, a farmer in Zwingle, Iowa, decided to express his affection for his wife in a way that she would (apparently) appreciate. On the occasion of her birthday, he wrote out “HAP B DAY LUV U” in giant letters made of manure across his field: But Carole Kleis isn’t just any woman — she’s the [...]