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Russia could join US in manned Mars mission

Co-operation between space agencies could one day make the idea of a manned mission to Mars a reality. Deputy Russian space agency head Sergey Savelie…

Ticket to Mars could someday cost $500,000

SpaceX entrepreneur Elon Musk is aiming for a future in which tickets to Mars cost $500,000 per person. Even though a manned mission to Mars is likely…

One-way Mars trip could initiate colonization

Physicists have contended that a manned one-way trip to Mars could be the way forward. The greatest expense in a manned mission to Mars would be in re…

Life on Mars (in Utah)

What happens when a handful of super-devoted science-types stake out a piece of ground in the middle of Utah and simulate a long-term manned mission to Mars? Nerd heaven, that’s what! sent a crew into the desert (which looks pretty convincingly Martian, if you ask me) to hang with the crew, watch them measure [...]

Scientists Who Can Sing

Well, not really — they’ve been autotuned by a talented Youtuber called Melodysheep, who’s made a number of great, toe-tapping videos that make you think, like this one, in which a number of prominent thinkers and scientists discuss the nature of science itself — ultimately characterizing it as “the poetry of reality.” I like that. Alan [...]