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The Secrets to Winning 5 Popular State Fair Games

You’d think that since the prizes are usually cheaper than the price you pay to play, that carnival games would be easy to win. Not at all. But if you have the right strategy, and some tips from those who have been there, you can raise your chances of winning. The Art of Manliness has [...]

How to Haggle Like Your Old Man

The Art of Manliness offers an extensive tutorial in the art of negotiation, also known as haggling. Depending on where you are in the world, negotiation is either a part of everyday life or an uncomfortable practice that’s consciously avoided whenever possible. But here’s a truth that many of us, especially those of us living in the [...]

Winston Churchill Motivational Posters

The Art of Manliness blog has an excellent post turning the wits of Winston Churchill into stylish motivational posters. I’d like to see Brett and Kate McKay of AoM Blog turn these favorite Churchill quotes of mine into a poster: Bessie Braddock: Sir, you are drunk. Churchill: And you, madam, are ugly. But in the morning, I [...]