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Tuesday Morning Bus Ride

Denise Campbell of Winnipeg, Manitoba, saw some odd behavior in a public bus driver, and thought it was worth passing on to the community online forum. The driver pulled over at a corner that had no bus stop and got out. The passengers, many of whom took the same bus every day, were puzzled. The [...]

How the Canadian Provinces and Territories Got Their Names

Here’s a little more Canadian history on this Canada Day. Alberta Named in honor of Princess Louise Caroline Alberta (1848-1939), the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and the wife of the Marquess of Lorne, Governor General of Canada from 1878 to 1883. Lake Louise, the village of Caroline, and Mount Alberta are also named after her. British Columbia The name refers to the Columbia District, the [...]

Collision Course: A Brief Guide to Earth’s Most Interesting Impact Craters

A Norwegian family arrived at their cabin to open it up for the spring and found a surprise: a large rock had smashed through the roof. It was identified as a 1.3 pound breccia meteorite. It didn’t hurt anybody, and its sale price should easily cover the damage to the roof; meteorites are valuable to [...]

On Sticking Your Arm Into an Underwater Cavern and Hoping a Catfish Bites You

Jessica Rinaldi/Reuters/Landov Lincoln Sadler eyes one of his favorite fishing spots, Great Rock, from a distance but times his approach around an oncoming boat so as not to reveal the rock’s secret location. He has already hiked two-miles in the boiling heat of an August North Carolina day followed by two miles of swimming and wading [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Ridiculous Reasons to Call 911

Erasmus Wolff / There are only a few situations that justify a call to 911—to report a fire, a medical emergency, or a crime in progress. There are, however, a lot of bad excuses for dialing dispatch. Here are ten. 1. The Jets aren’t in Winnipeg. It might have been criminal to a certain demographic that [...]

Beyond Spectacular: Super Climb!

Link Scroll down for today’s pictures & links. Beyond Spectacular: Super Climb! This is Ueli Steck’s record speed solo climb of the the Eiger’s radical North Face (from the film “Swiss Machine”, created by Sender Films). He did it in just… 2 hours, 47 minutes and 33 seconds: Link Today’s pictures & links: Sprawling Monster This is Ferrari World: the newest Abu [...]

The Late Movies: Amateur Storm Chasers

Whether you live in a twister-stricken area or have only experienced the scary storms through Bill Paxton movies, tornadoes are one of the most fascinating and surprising forms of weather. We’ve rounded up a collection of clips of amateur storm chasers — sometimes people who just happen to be in the right place at the [...]

Winnipeg man recounts Bigfoot sighting

70-year-old Winnipeg resident Archie Motkaluk recalls his encounter with Bigfoot in 1960. He had been visiting his parents on their farm in Manitoba a…

Amazing wild animals fight scenes

The battles are unfailingly barbaric, and almost always fought to the death. In a rare glimpse of a reality that wildlife photography rarely shows, this stark series of images illustrates how brutal life can be for the animals we might only see in a zoo. From the ferocity of Siberian tigers grappling in the snow, to the [...]