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Beautiful Japanese Manhole Covers

Talk about urban beautification! Japanese manhole covers aren’t just for covering holes in the ground, they’re colorful and artistic and often embody elements of Japanese culture. Booooooom! has a rather impressive collection of Japanese manhole covers for you to peruse at the link below. Seeing how nice they all look makes me want to grab some paint [...]

Blood bubbles out of drains in Polish town

Residents of Koscierzyna were shocked when blood started bubbling up from beneath manhole covers. The police were called in to investigate what had so…

Man Rescued from Sewer Faces More Trouble

An unnamed man in the town of Montmélian, France, dropped his wallet into a sewer opening in a parking garage and went to retrieve it. He then became stuck, with his head in the pipe and his legs sticking out of the manhole. The man spent the entire night like that until a passer-by called [...]

Some Seriously Stylish Manhole Covers

There are few aspects of city life as boring as manhole and storm drain covers. Fortunately, some artists are willing to turn these bland icons into artistic canvases -often in surprisingly humorous ways. There are more great paintings over at WebUrbanist. Link

Woman Falls into Fountain While Texting

(Video Link) This security camera footage from a mall shows a woman paying too much attention to her text messages and not enough to the demanding task of avoiding large objects while walking. She ends up getting soaked. via Super Punch Previously The Danger of Texting and Walking: Teenager Fell Into a Manhole

Manhole Art: 15 Creative Covers

A tradition in Japan, manhole covers come in a variety of designs attracting tourists and locals. Meet the wacky, wonderful world of japanese manhole art.