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When a Cemetery Becomes Chic

Atlas Obscura is running a series called the 31 Days of Halloween on their blog. One post tells how made-up ghost stories can lead to frightening real stories of graveyard shenanigans, as happened at London’s fashionable Highgate Cemetery in the 1970s. Though the details are a bit murky, it began with reports of a “creature” in [...]

Wild DIY Waterpark

Link Scroll down for today’s pictures & links. Wild DIY Waterpark Meanwhile in Hungary… these guys are enjoying summer full tilt, or rather full escavator’s bucket! Well, sure, if you have access to some construction machinery, why not use it for fun and benefit of your friends? - Link Today’s pictures & links: Monster Lobster! It came from Outer Space… (image credit: Sameli [...]

Odd Art Fabrications: The Makers of Neat Stuff

Our friends and neighbor (and makers of the nifty Zombie Magnets and Zombie Doorstop), Zach Manchester and Derek Reynolds of Odd Art Fabrications, got featured in the local newspaper yesterday. One thing I really like about OAF is how Zach is focusing on making things in America again. How hard could that be? Actually, from my [...]

Gravity Harps

(YouTube link) Andy Cavatorta was commissioned to build a new musical instrument based on a pendulum for Bjork’s Biophilia show in Manchester, UK. The first such instrument built was the Gravity Ring, but that was scrapped as too bulky for the tour. The next idea was Gravity Harps. The pendulums each contain harp strings, which are [...]

Good Samaritan Stuck in Sunroof

Danielle Michoud and her husband encountered a woman who was locked out of her car in Manchester, New Hampshire. Michoud was the smallest of the three, so volunteered to try getting in through the partially-open sunroof. But she became stuck. “I actually thought I almost had it and then I hit my ribs and I couldn’t [...]

Human Beings Are Inefficient Generators of Electricity

So I found this interesting question posed on Reddit today — something I’ve wondered myself — could you use all the people working out at a busy gym to generate power? To feed something back into the electrical grid, perhaps? I mean, think about all the people chugging away on an exercise bike right now, [...]

Step Back In Time. Belfast, 1901.

YouTube link. This two-minute video, from the Mitchell and Kenyon Collection of the British Film Institute, does not show any historically important or humorous events. Instead, what one sees is a view from a horse-drawn tramcar on Royal Street in Belfast at the beginning of the last century. If you find this interesting, there are three companion [...]

Giant Etch A Sketch

HAC:Manchester, a hackerspace community in Manchester, UK, made a huge Etch A Sketch. The image is projected onto the screen from the rear. An arduino controller permits the knobs to be used in the traditional manner of the classic toy. Shaking the screen, as the user above is doing, gradually erases the screen — again, [...]

The Robot Toy Race

The Gadget Show staged a foot race among various toy robots from all over the world in Manchester, England. The robots were controlled by audience members, which led to utter chaos. Some robots eventually made it to the finish line. See the whole thing at Technabob. Link

The Barton Swing Aqueduct

If you need a canal to cross another canal, you simply build a water bridge across, with one canal on top of another. If you need to build a land bridge across a waterway, you can make the bridge split in two or swing aside when tall ships need to pass. But what do you [...]