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Snake with a Can on Its Head: Would You Help It?

If you see a cute mammal with its head stuck in something, you’d probably help. But what about this case? Would you help the snake? And how would you do it without getting yourself hurt? Via [...]

A Submarine Shaped Like A Killer Whale

Become one with the killer whales by riding around inside them! This slick Orca shaped submarine brings sexy back to the beach, and mammals riding around inside a mammal shaped vehicle means twice the mammalian madness! This baby can breach just like the Son of Sharktopus, has a high speed of 25 mph, and it’s got [...]

Jurassic Mother from China

Fossils of a 160-million-year-old mammal found in China show us a placental mammal that is 35 million years older than any found before. This tiny animal is named Juramaia sinensis, or “Jurassic mother from China.” With forepaws adapted to climbing trees, the newfound eutherian scurried about temperate Jurassic forests feasting on insects under the cover of [...]

10 Mammals You Probably Didn’t Know Exist

Even to wildlife devotees, the riches of the animal kingdom are a constant surprise. The world is still full of fabulous and peculiar creatures with fascinating habits and, often, extraordinary exotic names. Here are ten that most people have never heard of, in no particular order. 10 Aardwolf Proteles cristatus An African mammal that looks like a slender yellow-grey [...]