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Even More Gorgeous Pop Culture Makeup

You’ve seen Avenger’s eye shadow and movie scenes depicted in makeup, but if you just can’t get enough beautiful eye shadow styles, then don’t miss this great gallery over at The Mary Sue. Link

How Accurately Does Hollywood Age Actors?

In 1967, William Shatner played 34-year old Captain James T. Kirk in the Star Trek episode “The Deadly Years.” A strange affliction struck members of a landing party, causing them to age rapidly. Within hours, they became elderly, infirm and partially senile. At the time, Shatner was 36 years old. Now he’s 81. Did the [...]

Santa Cat Makeup Lady Is Cute, Frightening

(Video Link) In full makeup, YouTube user AwakenRain looks just like a cat. But that’s not what’s so unsettling about this video. It’s that she sounds just like a cat at the same time. -via Fashionably Geek

Nail Polish That Can Be Altered Magnetically

If you’ve ever wished your makeup could better incorporate scientific principles, then you might want to check out Sephora’s newest nail polish, one that creates cool 3D effects once you put a magnet over it while it is drying. I’m not big on nail polish, but I’d love to play with this formula. How about [...]

How to be the Best Skull on Your Block

Crafty Lady Abby went to a zombie wedding in full skull makeup. It turned out so well that she posted the makeup process as a tutorial for you. You might not have a wedding this would be appropriate for, but a Halloween party would be the perfect place to show off your skull skills! Link [...]

High-Tech Beauty Don’t: LED Eyeshadow

Designer Lulin Ding has interesting ideas about makeup. She dreamt up this LED Eyeshadow contraption because she was “interested in the way women wear eyeshadow and how most of the time you can only see the details when their eyes are closed.” The effect is admittedly kind of cool, but the apparatus looks painful, irritating [...]

7 Modern Werewolves You Need To Know

Time to get in the mood for Halloween! While werewolves predate Greek mythology, the story of Lycaon is still one of the earliest examples of a man shapeshifting into an anthropomorphic wolf-like creature. If you recall, Lycaon was transformed into a wolf after eating human flesh. Skip ahead to our times and shapeshifters abound on [...]

Child Beauty Pageant

Child Beauty PageantChild beauty pageants are for contestants from 0 to 18 years old. Divisions include talent, interview, sportswear, casual wear, swim wear, western wear, theme wear, outfit of choice, decade wear, and evening wear, typically wearing makeup as well as elaborate hairstyles. The contestants wear custom fitted and designed outfits to present their routines [...]

The Quick 10: The Fashions of Queen Elizabeth I

Many, many years ago today (451 years ago, to be exact), the world changed when Elizabeth I took the throne. She’s been a popular subject in recent years with the Cate Blanchett Elizabeth movies and Philippa Gregory books, so you probably already know the basics… what you may not know about is her fabulous couture [...]