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Dune Amigurumi

You have come of age, so you must ride the Maker. Take the maker hook of our sietch, Usul, and ride this amigurumi made by smapte. Ride as a leader of men. Link -via Geek Crafts

Commodore 64 Guitar

Computer engineer Jeri Ellsworth built an electric guitar into the body of a Commodore 64. Here she is with it at the ongoing Maker Faire in San Mateo, California. And yes, she’s wearing roller skates. Another Photo | Ellsworth’s Twitter Feed | Maker Faire | Photo: Blake Maloof

Rail Bike

Twenty minutes ago, I had never heard of rail bikes. Maker of this rail bike and Velospace member Stinky Pete writes, “This is what happnes when a person works nights with too much time to think.” I should start working nights if it produces marvels like this. Link -via Make | More Rail Bikes

The Badgermin is a Stuffed Badger Theremin

David Cranmer is an eccentric maker of sculptures and musical instruments, such as the Furby Gurdy. By combining the musical abilities of the badger and the aesthetic appeal of a theremin, he has created the future of music. Watch a video of a performance at the link. Link -via Geekosystem

Jacobsen Lawn Mower vs. Sheep

How do you tout the benefits of your fancy-schmancy lawn mower? Lawn mower maker Jacoben turned to advertising icon Stan Freberg to create (now classic) ad campaign. Stan’s answer? Compare it to a sheep. The [...]

Very Customized Bookcase

No, not there, there! Some bibliophiles are really specific about how they arrange their treasures. Jane Dandy, a furniture maker in San Francisco, can make them one-of-a-kind bookcases to fit individual collections, and no others. Etsy Shop -via Colossal

10 Awesome Geeky Cooking Hacks

We recently featured a microwave that was hacked to play YouTube videos while it cooked food, but for those who want their kitchen hacks to  play a direct role in their food preparation, here are ten ideas to get your food-related geek-juices flowing. Make A Sous Vide Cooker From A Beer Cooler While “sous vide” has been [...]

McDonald’s Billboard Projects French Fry-Like Beams of Light into the Sky

The ad agency Leo Burnett, maker of clever campaigns like landmine stickers and human billboards, designed this glorious billboard. It is shaped like a fry box. Yellow lights projecting upwards like a pillar of fire guide the hungry forward from up to three miles away. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious! | Photo: Leo Burnett

Porsche Engine Cylinders Recycled as Wine Bottle Coolers

Sports car maker Porsche offers wine bottle chillers that are taken out of old 911 G-series air-cooled engines. Can you find one from a ‘73 Vega? No, which is a pity, because nothing cools like an aluminum engine block. Link -via Tasteologie | Photo: Porsche

Lamborghini Model Costs 12 Times More than the Real Thing

Robert Gülpen, a model maker from Germany, made a 1:8 model of the Lamborghini Aventador that’s worth more than twelve times the value of the real car. This platinum and gold mockup studded with precious stones will be auctioned in December with a starting price of $4,789,000. Link -via OhGizmo! | Photo: Chiemgau Online