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Members of Congress Spent 27% of Their Time Taunting Each Other

Debates are part of a healthy democracy but why does it seem like Congress has so much trouble working out a deal over the budget? (Or anything else for that matter) Harvard professor Gary King decided to take a look at how members of Congress communicate with each other and found something surprising: they spent 27% [...]

Seeking extraterrestrial life in the multiverse

While most scientists focus their efforts on finding signs of life in our own universe some are starting to set their sights elsewhere. The majority …

China’s 56 Ethnic Groups

The vast majority (>90%) of Chinese are Han Chinese. The remainder are distributed among 55 other ethnic groups. This diversity was awkwardly displayed during the opening ceremonies of the last Olympic games, when a parade of 56 children representing those groups was later revealed to have been comprised of 56 Han Chinese children wearing the [...]